PHD:           2005, University of Crete


Scientific interests

I am interested in retracing the evolutionary history of organisms. Much of my research focuses on molecular systematics, phylogeny, phylogeography, and population and conservation genetics of animal species inhabiting mainly the eastern Mediterranean region. The majority of my work is based on modern and/or ancient DNA analysis and I am in a continuous struggle to figure out the extreme diversity of these animals in a temporal and spatial frame. I am mainly question driven rather than organism bound. Thus, I have been working with a variety of invertebrate and vertebrate taxa, ranging from land snails, to isopods, frogs, lizards, birds and mammals. 

Recent publications


  • Psonis, N., Antoniou, A., Kukushkin, O., Jablonski, D., Petrov, B., Crnobrnja-Isailović, J., Sotiropoulos, K., Gherghel, I., Lymberakis, P. & Poulakakis, N. 2017. Hidden diversity in the Podarcis tauricus (Sauria, Lacertidae) species subgroup in the light of multilocus phylogeny and species delimitation. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 106, 6-17
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  • Psonis, N., Lymberakis, P., Poursanidis D., Poulakakis, N. 2016 Contribution to the study of Acanthodactylus (Sauria: Lacertidae) mtDNA diversity focusing on the A. boskianus species group. Mitochondrion, 30, 79-84.

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