B Semester
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Objectives of the course: The primary objective of this course is for students to (1) learn fundamental approaches for experimentally investigating biological macromolecules, (2) learn the theoretical foundations for the methods used, and (3) understand the applicability of the biochemical methods to realistic situations

Course contents

  1. Preparation of solutions, pH-Buffers (4 hours) [E. Kouimtzoglou]
  2. Titrations (Neutralization reactions, redox reactions and complexometric titrations)(4 hours) [E. Kouimtzoglou]
  3. -UV-Vis Spectrophotometry (4 hours) [E. Kouimtzoglou]
  4. Synthesis of Aspirin (4 hours) [E. Kouimtzoglou]
  5. Qualitative detection tests and Quantification of Proteins (4 hours) [E. Kouimtzoglou]
  6. Digestion (fats, proteins, carbohydrates)-General methods for detection and characterization of the products (4 hours) [E. Kouimtzoglou]
  7. Enzyme kinetics (4 hours) [G. Hatzidakis]
  8. Extraction, chromatographic identification and absorption spectra of photosynthetic pigments (4 hours) [A. Papadaki]
  9. Extraction and Quantification of plasmid DNA (4 hours) [M. Dramountani]
  • Electrophoresis and digestion of plasmid DNA (4 hours) [M. Dramountani]
  • Extraction of eukaryotic RNA (4 hours) [M. Dramountani]