PHD:           1993, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki

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Scientific interests

  • Ecology and Management of Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Ecology of Rare and Endemic Plant Species
  • Applied Ecology
               - Biomonitoring of Environmental Changes
               - Environmental Risk Assessment

Recent publications

  • Frati L., Caprasecca E., Santoni S., Gaggi C., Guttova A., Gaudino S., Pati A., Rosamilia S., Pirintsos S.A., Loppi S. (2005) Effects of NO2 and NH3 from road traffic on epiphytic lichens. Environmental Pollution, in press
  • Frati, L., Santoni, S., Nicolardi, V., Gaggi, C., Brunialti, G., Guttova, A., Gaudino, S., Pati, A., Pirintsos, S.A., Loppi, S. (2005) Lichen biomonitoring of ammonia amission and nitrogen deposition around a pig stock farm. Environmental Pollution, in press.
  • Loppi S., Di Lella L.A., Frati L., Protano G., Pirintsos S.A., Riccobono F., (2004). Lichens as biomonitors of depleted uranium in Kosovo. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, 49: 437-445.
  • Pirintsos, S.A., Kotzabasis, K. Loppi, S. (2004) Polyamine production in lichens under metal pollution stress. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 49: 303-315.
  • Loppi, S., Riccobono, F., Zhaohui, Z., Savic, S., Ivanov, D., Pirintsos, S.A. 2003. Lichens as biomonitors of Uranium in the Balkan area Environmental Pollution 125: 277-280 (see also "Virtual Journal of Environmental Sustainability").