PHD:           1990, Kapodistrian University of Athens


Scientific interests

Fish physiology, environmental and hormonal mechanisms regulating reproduction of fish species. 

Recent publications

  • Pavlidis, M., Futter, W.C., Katharios, P. and P. Divanach, 2007. Blood cell profile of six Mediterranean mariculture fish species. J. Applied Ichtyology, 23, 70-73.
  • Fanouraki, E., Divanch, P and M. Pavlidis, 2007. Baseline values for acute and chronic stress indicators in immature red porgy (Pagrus pagrus). Aquaculture, 265, 294-304.
  • Fanouraki, E., Laitinen, J.T. and M. Pavlidis, 2007. Endocrine regulation of skin blanching in red porgy, Pagrus pagrus. Ann. Fenici Zool., 44, 241-248.
  • M. Pavlidis, M. Karkana, E. Fanouraki, and N. Papandroulakis, 2008. Environmental control of skin colour in the red porgy, Pagrus pagrus. Aquaculture Research, in press.
  • E. Fanouraki, N. Papandroulakis, T. Ellis, C. Mylonas, A.P. Scott and M. Pavlidis, 2008. Water cortisol is a reliable indecator of stress in European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax. Behaviour, in press.