Associate Professor  


                                           PHD:           2010, University of Basel


Scientific interests

Transcription factors are important regulators of normal development and physiology, and changes in their functions or relative stoichiometries result in developmental defects and disease. Our lab is interested in understanding how transcription factors regulate developmental processes from a dynamic molecular perspective by inquiring their absolute concentrations, molecular diffusion, participation in kinetic interactions with chromatin, and cell-to-cell concentration variabilities. To do this, we use rigorous genetics tools, biochemistry, microscopy, and biophysical methodology with single-molecule sensitivity, such as Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy. Our overarching aim is to translate molecular numbers and movement into macroscopic developmental procedures and disease abnormalities.

Recent publications

 Giri R, Brady S, Papadopoulos DK, Carthew RW. Single-cell Senseless protein analysis reveals metastable states during the transition to a sensory organ fate. iScience 2022;25:105097.

2. Auer JMT, Stoddart JJ, Christodoulou I, Lima A, Skouloudaki K, Hall HN, Vukojevic V, Papadopoulos DK* (*corresponding author). Of numbers and movement - understanding transcription factor pathogenesis by advanced microscopy. Dis Model Mech 2020;13(12):dmm046516.

3. Skouloudaki K, Papadopoulos DK, Hurd WT. The Molecular Network of YAP/Yorkie at the Cell Cortex and their Role in Ocular Morphogenesis. Int J Mol Sci 2020;21(22):8804.

4. Longman D, Jackson-Jones KA, Maslon MM, Murphy LC, Young RS, Stoddart JJ, Hug N, Taylor MS, Papadopoulos DK* (*senior co-author), Caceres JF. Identification of a localized nonsense-mediated decay pathway at the endoplasmic reticulum. Genes Dev 2020;34(15-16):1075-1088. [Featured the Cover of Genes & Development]

5. Giri R, Papadopoulos DK, Posadas DM, Potluri HK, Tomancak T, Mani M, Carthew RW. Ordered patterning of the sensory system is susceptible to stochastic features of gene expression. eLife 2020;9:e53638;doi: 10.7554/eLife.53638.

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