Assistant Professor  


                                           PHD:           2009, University of Crete


Scientific interests

Oxidative stress; Redox signaling during aging and host-microbe interactions. Aging of the nervous system and amyloid-induced pathologies in C. elegans. Microfluidics for nervous system and behavioral studies in small model organisms.

Recent publications

Oleson B.J., Bhattrai J., Sarah Zalubas S., Kravchenko T., Ji Y., Jiang E., Lu C., Madden C., Coffman J., Bazopoulou D., Jones J., Jakob U. Early life changes in histone landscape protect against age-associated amyloid toxicities through HSF-1 dependent regulation of lipid metabolism. Nature Aging 4:48–61 (2023).

Oleson B.J., Bazopoulou D., Jakob U. Shaping longevity early in life: developmental ROS and H3K4me3 set the clock. Cell Cycle 17:1-11 (2021).

Beydoun S., Choi H. - S., Dela-Cruz G., Kruempel J., Huang S., Bazopoulou D., Miller H., Evans C., Leiser S.-F. An alternative food source for metabolism, drug, and longevity studies in C. elegans. Communications Biology 4:258 (2021).

Kim M., Knoefler D., Quarles E., Jakob U., Bazopoulou D. Automatephenotyping and lifespaassessment of a C. elegans model of Parkinson's disease. Translational Medicine of Aging 4:38-44 (2020).

Bazopoulou D., Knoefler D., Zheng Y., Ulrich K., Oleson B.J., Xie L., Kim M., Kaufmann A., Lee Y-T, Dou Y., Chen Y., Quan S., Jakob U. DevelopmentaROS individualizes stress resistance and lifespan. Nature 576(7786):301-305 (2019).

Bazopoulou D., Chaudhury A.R., A, Pantazis A., Chronis N. An automated compound screening for anti-aging effects on the function of C. elegans sensory neurons. Scientific Reports 7:9403 (2017).

Dahl J.U., Gray M.J., Bazopoulou D., Beaufay F., Lempart J., Koenigsknecht M.J., Wang Y., Baker J.R., Hasler W.L., Young V.B., Sun D., Jakob U. The anti-inflammatory drug mesalamine targets bacterial polyphosphate accumulation. Nature Microbiology 2:16267 (2017).