Associate Professor  


                                           PHD:           1996, University of Tennessee

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Scientific interests

Mathematical Biology

Recent publications

  • K. Lika, S. Augustine, and S.A.L.M. Kooijman. 2019. Body size as emergent property of metabolism. Journal of Sea
  • E. Livanou, A. Lagaria, S. Psarra, Κ. Lika. 2019.  A DEB-based approach of modeling dissolved organic matter release by phytoplankton. Journal of Sea Research,
  • E. Muller, K. Lika, R. Nisbet, I. Schultz, J. Casas, A. Gergs, C. Murphy, D. Nacci, K. Watanabe. 2019. Regulation of Reproductive Processes with Dynamic Energy Budgets Functional Ecology, 33:819-832, doi: 10.1111/1365-2435.13298
  • O. Stavrakidis-Zachou, N. Papandroulakis, K. Lika. 2018. A DEB model for European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): parameterisation and application in aquaculture. Journal of Sea
  • A. Samaras, N. Papandroulakis, K. Lika, M. Pavlidis. 2018. Water temperature modifies the acute stress response of European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax L. (1758). Journal of Thermal Biology, 78 (2018) 84–91


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