Associate Professor  


                                           PHD:           2001, University of Crete


Recent publications

  • Emmanuel Ladoukakis, Vini Pereira, Emile Magny, Adam Eyre-Walker and Juan Pablo Couso (2011). Hundreds of putatively functional small Open Reading Frames in Drosophila. (Genome Biology, in press)
  • Emmanuel D. Ladoukakis, Ioannis Theologidis, George C. Rodakis and Eleftherios Zouros. (2011). Homologous recombination between highly diverged mitochondrial sequences: examples from maternally and paternally transmitted genomes. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28(6): 1847-1859.
  • Hodgkinson A, Ladoukakis E, Eyre-Walker A. (2009) Cryptic Variation in the Human Mutation Rate. PLoS Biology 7: 226-232.
  • Ladoukakis ED, Eyre-Walker A (2008) The excess of small inverted repeats in prokaryotes. Journal of Molecular Evolution  67: 291-300.
  • Ladoukakis ED and A. Eyre-Walker. (2007) Sequence directed mutagenesis in eukaryotes. Journal of Molecular Evolution  64: 1-3.