PHD:           1987, University of Marburg

Scientific interests

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Photosynthesis. Photobiology. Green Biotechnology. Astrobiology.

Recent publications

  • Papazi A., A-I. Gjindali, E. Kastanaki, K. Assimakopoulos, K. Stamatakis and K. Kotzabasis* (2014). Potassium deficiency, a “smart” cellular switch for sustained high yield hydrogen production by the green alga Scenedesmus obliquus. Int. J. Hyd. Energy 39: 19452-19464.
  • Ioannidis N.E.* and K. Kotzabasis (2015). Could structural similarity of specific domains between animal globins and plant antenna proteins provide hints important for the photoprotection mechanism? J. Theor. Biology 364: 71-79.
  • Tsiavos T., N.E. Ioannidis, A. Tsortos, E. Gizeli and K. Kotzabasis* (2015). Spermine is a potent modulator of proton transport through LHCII. J. Plant Physiol. 177: 44-50.
  • Papazi A., E. Kastanaki, S. Pirintsos and K. Kotzabasis* (2015). Lichen Symbiosis: Nature's High Yielding Machines for Induced Hydrogen Production. PLoS ONE 10(3): e0121325.
  • Malliarakis D., T. Tsiavos, N.E. Ioannidis* and K. Kotzabasis* (2015). Spermine and lutein quench chlorophyll fluorescence in isolated PSII antenna complexes. J. Plant Physiology 183: 108-113.
  • Ioannidis N.E.*, D. Malliarakis, J. M. Torné*, M. Santos* and K. Kotzabasis*(2016). The over-expression of the plastidial transglutaminase from maize in Arabidopsis increases the activation threshold of photoprotection. Front. Plant Sci. 7: 635.
  • Papazi A., A. Korelidou, E. Andronis, A. Parasyri, N. Stamatis and K. Kotzabasis*(2018). Bioenergetic reprogramming plasticity under nitrogen depletion by the unicellular green alga Scenedesmus obliquus. Planta 247:679–692.
  • Laina D., I. Oikonomou, K. Koutroumpa, M. Bariotakis, K. Kotzabasis, K. Ito, R. S. Seymour and S. A. Pirintsos* (2018). Exogenous induction of thermogenesis in Arum concinnatum by salicylic acid. Functional Plant Biology 45(12): 1195-1204.
  • Parasyri A., A. Papazi, N. Stamatis, S. Zerveas, E. V. Avramidou, A. G. Doulis, S. Pirintsos and K. Kotzabasis* (2018). Lichen as Micro-Ecosystem: Extremophilic Behavior with Astrobiotechnological Applications. ASTROBIOLOGY 18(12): 1528-1542.