PHD:           1988, Harvard University

Scientific interests

Drosophila development genetics. Transcriptional effects of Notch signalling. Role of E(spl) transcription factor and the Notch signalling pathway in cell fate decisions in the wing and eye.

Recent publications

  • Pitsouli, C. and Delidakis, C. 2005. The interplay between DSL proteins and ubiquitin ligases in Notch signaling. Development 132, 4041-4050.
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  • Glittenberg, Μ., Pitsouli, C., Garvey, C., Delidakis, C. and Bray, S. 2006. Role of conserved intracellular motifs in Serrate signalling, cis-inhibition and endocytosis. EMBO J. 25, 4697-4706.
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