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                                                     PHD:           1994, University of Cambridge



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Scientific interests

Our multidisciplinary work lies at the interface of molecular biology, biophysics, micro-engineering and nano-biotechnology. We combine fundamental and applied research, with technological innovation being a central focus. One main aspect of our work is the use of acoustic biosensors to study the structure of biomolecules and their significance in biological processes. Biophysical results are translated into the development of molecular diagnostic assays combined with isothermal amplification methods.  Moreover, we couple the above assays with simple lab-fabricated 3D-printed prototypes and lab-on-chip platforms to create portable, low-cost platforms for rapid genetic analysis. This work has resulted in innovations currently exploited to provide simple tools for molecular diagnostics anywhere in the world. We are now applying these technologies to address an expanding range of pertinent issues within the “One-Health” concept, including monitoring of human, plant and food-borne diseases as well as marine environmental monitoring. All our assays and measuring units are implemented in both the developed and developing countries where we continuously collaborate with end-users for testing (S. Africa, Tunisia, UK, Germany and France).

Selected publications

  1. Grammatikos, I. Svoliantopoulos, E. Gizeli, Naked-Eye Detection of LAMP-Produced Nucleic Acids in Saliva using Chitosan-capped AuNPs in a Single-Tube Assay, Analytical Chemistry, 2023, 95 (50), pp. 18514-1852 https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.analchem.3c03878 PMC10733902
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